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@PearlJam and @Nirvana Performing - My Sharona - (Rare Live)

when did this happen?

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ah yes the four seasons. wet, hot, halloween, and christmas


Please post this tweet onto billboards near every beach
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Please post this tweet onto billboards near every beach

"Hey I uh, I read in the paper today that it’s uh, National Prayer Day. So we thought it would be uh, maybe tonight’s the night to make the big announce that we’re going to uh, apply officially to the United States government and uh, have our band considered a legitimate religion. Stone suggested it’d be great, we’d be tax-exempt, we could do a lot with that money. Good things, because sometimes the government doesn’t seem to put it where it’s supposed to go. And uh, there’s only one commandment, and it’s easy to remember, and it’s uh, “Don’t be an asshole.” Stone came up with that. He’s kind of our leader. He’s really the Jesus of the bunch. I might look like him, but he’s really the one. And you know, it’s a pretty open religion, you can pretty much do whatever the fuck you want. Mind you, we come up with this whole religion thing just on the bus ride over here today. We need to think it through a little bit more. But so far, the only thing that is forbidden, the only one thing—can’t fucking Twitter. Hate that shit."

May 6, 2010 Columbus, Ohio (via shit-eddie-vedder-says)

you know what, this teacher i saw on the inauguration day lives in my dorm and i keep going for a smoke hoping ill see him lol he’s not my teacher though, i dont know his name i dont even know if he’s polish, he doesnt look polish i mean on my uni there’s too many eastern folks so who knows


Some more flattering angles.

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Twin Peaks is returning with 9 episodes, all directed by David Lynch.

See the teaser and more details here.

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"What he was writing about was the space Stone and I were in. We’d just lost one of our friends to a dark and evil addiction, and he was putting that feeling to words. I saw him as a brother. That’s what pulled me back in [to playing music]." -Jeff Ament

As photographed by Lance Mercer 1992-1995